Saying Goodbye

pet loss

As human beings, we experience a myriad of emotions. Grief, due to loss, is one of them. When you grieve a loss, it means you’ve allowed yourself to become emotionally attached to another living creature. It also means you actively acknowledge his or her overall significance.

There are two messages we’d like to put forth. First, allow yourself to grieve for your deceased pet. You are honoring the relationship you had, and you are providing yourself the ability to move forward with your life. Second, honor the moments you have with every living creature, while they are still alive. By doing so, you are creating memories you’ll cherish for the rest of your life.

The Animal Hospital of Rocky Hill is staffed with people who have lost pets. This is why we include the following features on our website:

  • Pet loss library — Have you recently lost a beloved pet? If so, you may want to look through our pet loss library for literature about coping with the loss.
  • Pet memorials — Post your own pet memorial or read through memorials written by other owners who have lost a pet. You may also visit our pet memorial wall to post a picture of your late pet.

For information regarding pet burials, we invite you to visit finalgift.com

For more information about grieving for a lost pet, feel free to contact us at any time.

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