Caring for Your Cat

cat wellness

A common mistake made by many cat owners is thinking their pets’ independent nature means they require less care than a dog. While the caretaking tasks are slightly different, ensuring their health and happiness takes just as much effort.

Cat Wellness

Your pet’s wellness starts with his or her yearly physical. Comprehensive by design, the visit includes a complete physical examination, dental examination, appropriate vaccination boosters, blood work if necessary, and advice on every thing from diet and exercise to year-round flea and tick control.

Your diligence doesn’t stop at bringing your pet in for a yearly checkup. The following are tips for cat owners to keep their pet feeling healthy and happy year-round:

  • Serve only healthy and portioned meals
  • Limit snacking
  • Serve no human food
  • Make sure they have plenty of toys and scratch posts
  • Brush them and trim their nails regularly
  • Utilize year-round flea and tick control
  • Brush their teeth regularly/utilize pro-active dental care products
  • Keep your home cat-proof
  • Love them unconditionally

If you need help with implementing any of these suggestions, please let us know. Our veterinarians and staff would love to answer any of your questions.

For more information about our cat wellness program, or to make an appointment for your pet, we invite you to contact us today. We look forward to meeting you and your pet.

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