Caring for Senior Pets

veterinary care for older pets

Except for giant breed dogs, most pets become seniors around the age of 7. Just because your pet has moved from adulthood into the senior years, doesn’t mean the quality of his or her life has to diminish. There will definitely be some lifestyle changes, but with the help of the veterinarians and staff at the Animal Hospital of Rocky Hill, your pet’s golden years can be fulfilling ones.

The Senior Years

Thanks to advancements in veterinary medicine, dogs and cats are living longer than ever before. The jump in lifespan, however, is accompanied by an increase in ailments and diseases that can affect your pet. This makes a proactive and diligent approach to your pet’s health even more important. Our first suggestion to the owner of an aging pet: increase his or her physical exams to two times per year.

Physical Exams

Aside from the comprehensive physical examination your senior pet will receive, he or she may also need a variety of diagnostic tests. Those tests could include:

  • Complete blood analysis — Measures red and white blood cells, as well as platelets. It can diagnose anemia, infections, diseases such as leukemia, and your pet’s response to certain treatments.
  • Urinalysis — Determines if there are any unwanted substances within the urine. It also helps to diagnose urinary tract infections, diabetes, dehydration, and kidney problems.
  • Blood chemistry panel — By measuring electrolytes, enzymes, and various chemical elements, it helps determine how your pet’s organs are functioning.
  • Parasite evaluation — In addition to diagnosing harmful parasites, a complete evaluation can help diagnose several different diseases.

Sweet Relief

Senior CatPets that are aging may experience pain from conditions such as arthritis and dysplasia or any physical trauma they’ve endured over the course of their lives. At the Animal Hospital of Rocky Hill, our pet pain management program is not only comprehensive, but compassionate as well. Designed to lessen any type of acute or chronic pain, the components of the program can be used separately or in conjunction with each other. They include treatments with our Luminex therapeutic laser, and a well-stocked in-house pet pharmacy.

For more information about our senior pet care program, or to make an appointment for your pet, we invite you to contact us today.

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