DNA Testing


Laura, the practice manager, adopted Piper through the Big Fluffy Dog Rescue. Piper's description was a great Pyrenees mix. Piper had the look of a big Labrador Retriever so she assumed that she was primarily Lab. Piper had no interest in swimming or retrieving, which she thought was odd for a lab.

As a present to her husband, Laura had Piper's DNA done. The results of the DNA test were Great Pyrenees, Mastiff, German Shepard, and mixed breed.

The results made a lot of sense, and now Laura understands why Piper did not like to swim or retrieve!!

Our veterinarians at the Animal Hospital of Rocky Hill suggest DNA testing to pet owners who do not know the lineage of their dog.

Dr. Shawn Behan feels "It can give you a better idea of what breeds there are, which allow you to check for associated diseases".

Certain breeds are predisposed to health conditions, so knowing a dog's lineage can be useful.

This type of testing can give a pet owner an idea of what to expect, what to monitor closely for, or, even in some cases, what to start preventative treatment. Knowing the breed makeup can also be helpful an how approach training your dog.

The Animal Hospital of Rocky Hill performs a DNA test that requires a small amount of blood. In a few weeks, the results are emailed to the owner. If you would like to find out more about this service, please contact us today.

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